Pacific Crest Trail Water Reports
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The following water reports are compiled from posts to the PCT-L, on-line trail journals, and other on-the-ground reports.
All disclaimers apply. Info may not be accurate, and probably isn't. Hike your own hike.
Water sources change quickly. Reports are only as accurate as last report. The best way to send updates is email to "water" at "4jeffrey" dot "net". Or post to PCT-L.
Last update posted 7/25/12 22:30 PCT
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Map Miles (NoBo) Location Report ("-" means no report) Date Reported By Posted
Most caches are no longer being restocked until April Whatever water is left is all there is.
It's getting hot, and seasonal water sources are starting to dry up. Be Prepared!!!
As the thruhikers have passed by, some reports may be old. Check the dates! Updated info from section hikers is always appreciated. Thanks.
A: Mexican Border to Warner Springs
A1 1.1 Juvenile Ranch Facility Faucet behind sign. Others 30 yards to each side at grass. 4/22/12 Len 4/30/12
A1 1.3 Campo Town - Faucet & Store - - -
A1 ~2.5 Campo Crk (seasonal) stagnant pool 6/11/12 Jon 6/13/12
A1 4.3 Creeklet (early spring) Stagnant – little water 6/11/12 Jon 6/13/12
A3 ~12.7 Creek (very seasonal) no water 5/16/12 Sara 5/19/12
A3 16.0 Hauser Creek (early spring) [NO REPORT 6/11/12] fairly stagnant but drinkable in evening, 2-3 inches in the deeper slightly flowing spot; flowing slightly better in morning (did not go up road) 5/17/12 Sara 6/13/12
If dry at crossing, try taking a right on the road E & walk up stream up to 200-300 yards. Periodically walk up to creek and check for pools. These last just a little longer than at trail. [Beware, it often has water in April, only to go dry just before ADZPCTKO.]
A3 20.6 Lake Morena Campground water 6/12/12 Jon 6/13/12
A5 24.6 Cottonwood Creek Bridge (early spring) stagnant pool 6/12/12 Jon 6/13/12
A5 26.0 Cottonwood Creek bed (usually dry) lots of water, got feet wet in crossing 6/12/12 Jon 6/13/12
A5 26.4 Boulder Oaks Campground - USFS water faucet by the outhouse Campground closed 3/1-6/15 for Arroyo Toad breeding season per USFS website. PCT thruhikers usually ok but don't harass the toads. 6/12/12 Jon 6/13/12
Faucet is on short brown post across first dirt road the PCT meets in camp. A second faucet is on a tall brown post a little ways further along the road.
A5 26.5 Boulder Oaks Store Closed permanently
A5 ~26.8 Kitchen Creek near I-8 - - - -
A5 ~30 Kitchen Creek (100 feet below trail) water 4/30/12 HighLife 5/5/12
Or continue to paved road at 30.6 and take a left and then a dirt road down to the water (~0.4 mile).
A6 32.4 Fred Canyon (usually dry) crisp clean creek (low but flowing 4/8 per Happy Pants) 4/29/12 Caveman 5/5/12
A6 33.0 Cibbets Flat Campground (Fred Cyn Road 16S08 0.8 m NW) - USFS water 4/29/12 Ned the Fed 5/2/12
A6 33.0 Fred Cyn Road 16S08 (0.1 m E) (seasonal) ? - - -
walk 500 ft downhill E, turn right at the first obvious place, almost immediately see a seasonal stream
A6 37.0 Long Canyon (next is easier) flowing nicely, a little murky 4/9/12 Happy Pants 4/13/12
A6 38.1 Long Canyon Creek ford flowing 4/23/12 Len 4/30/12
A6 39.1 Lower Morris Mdw (0.3 m NW) piped trough dry,but a small trickle of water in meadow a few yards away 4/9/12 Bone lady 4/11/12
Horse camp. Turn left & walk 0.15 mile up dirt road to fence, continue 50 yds, then left on dirt road to meadow w/Pipe spring trough w/big tank
A7 41.6 Burnt Rancheria Campgrd (south end) USFS open, water is on w/coin showers 4/29/12 John 4/30/12
Turn left at signed junction where PCT joins Desert View Trail. (Sign does not mention campground.) Faucet at site 48 close to PCT.
A7 42.3 Burnt Rancheria CG jct - drinking fountain (seasonal) water 4/30/12 Portrait 5/2/12
A7 43.0 Mt. Laguna town (0.4 mi S of trail) bathrooms have water (drinking fountain at Visitor Center on & will be on all year thanks to a heated system that prevents it from freezing, although it may take up to a couple minutes before water comes out)
(Store open 9-5. Post office open M-F 12-4, Sat 9-11. per John @ store)
4/29/12 John 4/30/12
A7 43.2 Desert View Picnic Area Water in restrooms. Spigot on. 4/10/12 Bone lady 4/11/12
Access on left 50 yards after you walk under a picnic table on the upper left. Or from road north on the store.Three water sources here: 1. On SW side of loop at end of road (nearest PCT) is a small, two car parking pad. To left & forward a bit is a heavy metal pipe with faucet in small concrete circle, right next to a big tree. This faucet reported to be insulated and should be on year round. 2. Drinking faucet next to restrooms. Off in winter. 3. Sink in restrooms.
A8 47.9 Laguna Campground USFS (0.7 mi SE) open, water is on, coin showers hopefully on end of next week 4/29/12 John 4/30/12
Leave trail near wooden overlook. Total walk to the campground and back to the faucet is one mile round trip.
A8 48.0 Oasis Spring (1/2 mi down) - - - -
A8 48.9 G.A.T.R. faucet (0.1 mi SW) Spigot on. <4/8/12 David 4/10/12
"Road" in book now a trail. At Penny Pines there are 2 trails going off to W (left nobo) toward highway. The most southerly one is the most direct. Both side trails are marked with Carsonite Posts w/Noble Canyon Trail decal. 100 yds straight to & then 50 yds across Hwy S1 to trough & faucet. (Water system is filled by portable generator, so subject to outage.)
A8 52.7 Pioneer Mail Picnic Area tank empty, a little stagnant water in trough, may be a few gallon cache 6/2/12 Spring Guy 6/9/12
At north end is trough fed by pipe from a water tank (limited supply). Per USFS 4/10/12, when filled with nonpotable water from a non-sterile fire truck. Filter/treat the water if used for drinking. May be small cache in bushes near horse trough.
A8 ~57.2 Oriflamme Cyn (usually dry) dry 4/12/12 Tony 4/17/12
A9 ~59.0 Sunrise Trailhead (0.5 mi W) rather nasty looking horse trough, or better non-potable water well w/faucet w/nice clear water to filter. (tank full, faucet at trough works 4/20). (Do not leave trash here.) 5/10/12 Tripod 5/14/12
NEW. Near BM 5015. A new trail (marked with sign "Sunrise Highway .25 Mi" on post) follows the 5,000-foot contour 1/4 mile SW to the highway. Across the highway to the South are new parking lot & pit restrooms (at last "5" in "BM 5015" on Map A9). To west a well is visible. Follow old road W 1/8 mile to well (at "B" in "BM 5015"). A sign says the water is for horses only & not potable. Turn green handle on ball valve so it is lined up with pipe, lift flap over trough, push down float valve in trough down to get water from pipe, or just filter from trough. Faucet on well itself does not work (except rarely when pump is running).
A9 61.1 Faint jeep track above Oriflamme Cyn (trough 1 mi W) - Windmill gone, dry forever as of 3/11/05
A10 62.2 Mason Valley Truck Trail (concrete water tank 75 yds E - often dry) tank dry <4/8/12 David 4/10/12
A10 63.5 Upper Chariot Cyn (0.6 to 1.8 mi N) no water at PCT [assume did not check to N] <4/8/12 David 4/10/12
There are springs and seasonal streams 0.6 to 1.8 mi N. There is also a concrete fire water tank 1.2 miles N, on map map it is the small circle at the end of a short spur to the east (between the "Y" and "O" of "Chariot CanYOn" on map). Follow spur road ~75 yards. Access from steel door on top.
A10 68.4 Rodriguez Spur Truck Tr (Tank visible 75'W) Tank filled to brim ~6/24/12 Spring Guy 7/8/12
Nozzle 50' downhill to tank, nozzle below tank [WARNING - wasting water here could result in the tank being locked and unavailable to hikers.]
A10 68.4 Spring 1.1 NW - - - -
1.1 miles NW of PCT on Rodriguez Spur Truck trail, ~50 ft uphill from large rust colored water tank.
A11 77.2 Scissors Crossing Caches Water (Per Larry 3/23, a 30 gallon water tank with faucet will be refilled a couple times each week (with a few gallon jugs left when tank is removed for refilling). It is covered w/ dark green tarp to keep water cooler and HIDE it from cars on road. Please resecure tarp when done. Call posted number when it gets to marked refill line (cells work at jct S2 and 78 just a bit N of cache.)) [can go empty fast!] 5/27/12 Larry 5/27/12
Julian 12 miles W on Hwy 78 or Hiker friendly Stagecoach Trails CG 3 miles S on Hwy S-2 open 9am-5pm, for camping, showers & pool, store.
A11 77.4 San Felipe Creek under Highway 78 Water in creek 200yd upstream probably 5gpm (SomeGuy 4/19 said a little farther than 250 yards, ~1.5" d & 2' w) 4/21/12 Robert 4/21/12
In spring, there MAY be shallow water 250 yards NNW in stream under large healthy-looking cottonwood trees (that look like trees and not large shrubs) � walk right side of streambed until near these trees
A12 91.2 Third Gate Cache water (water at cache, a little more in "bush cache" down hill toward ranch per Jan 5/7)
- [If it looks like a lot, consider it can all get used in a week. It's only 11 miles and mostly downhill to Barrel Spring, so 2 liters may be enough.]
5/27/12 Larry 5/27/12
Cache is 100 yards down side trail just past gate.
[Ed. note: It's a lot of work to get water up here. Take only what you need to get to Barrel Spring 11 miles ahead, and don't waste it. Thanks!]
If no water, continue E down side trail perhaps 1/2 mile to where water which didn't get hiked up to 3rd Gate MAY be stored.           If no water there, another 1 mile is jeep road ENE of "The Big Square Post." Turn left & walk another 1 to 1.5 miles to a small "ranch." Follow the dirt road N until it crosses the stream bed and makes a left turn. Within a few feet, turn right on the road going thru the gate. Proceed 20-30 yds to another gate & find a faucet on right hand side with a garden hose attached. Use this faucet ONLY.           BUT...The owner asks that hikers return to the trail (unless there is a medical emergency). PERMISSION TO TAKE WATER IS NOT AN OPEN INVITATION TO VISIT THE OWNER/EMPLOYEES, NOR TO CAMP ON THE RANCH ITSELF. Respect the owner's property and NOT GO NEAR any pen with livestock for any reason. Respect the rights of others and have a safe hike! [Ed. note: This could be 6 miles round trip, compared to 11 miles to Barrel Spring.]
Another possibility - "down the side trail is a water cistern very much closer than walking to the ranch for water. I put a bucket and a rope in there so you can pull the water up and its kind of dirty but its certainly clean enough to use a filter on." (Laurence The Spring Guy) Walk one mile down same trail as above, then at jct turn left 100 yds to cistern near some rock ruins. Others have reported they'd rather walk to the ranch.
A13 101.4 Barrel Spring Trough and pipe dry. Follow directions below to source spring which is a still, dippable, clear puddle. Please KEEP IT CLEAN. 6/8/12 Jan 6/9/12
Please not put feet, bandanas in, or wash their faces over the drinking water. Drip it elsewhere. Too many seriously sick hikers last year.Don't stir up the water, so others can get clear water too.
A13 ~104.4 Spring-fed metal cattle trough NE of Hill 3406 (0.2 NE, visible from PCT) (Usually skipped) Flowing ~1 LPM (Looks like decent spring water 4/8 per David) 4/16/12 Tony 4/17/12
A13 ~104.9 Round concrete trough below mouth of San Ysidro Creek (0.2 W, sign points the way) (Usually skipped) Pipe is gushing strong, trough completely full. <4/8/12 David 4/10/12
A13 105.2 San Ysidro Creek (In late spring can be wet in a.m. and dry in p.m.) flowing clear, at least 2 ft across. Cow poop everywhere (water 3 inches deep 4/8 per David) 4/25/12 Len 4/30/12
A13 ~106.1 Spring-Fed Metal Trough - .2 miles along faint truck path NE up hill from PCT. Trough not visible to NoBo hikers until after they are N of the truck path. Truck path is .3 miles Sobo of Eagle Rock. - - -
A13 ~106.3 Water Tank visible 0.2 mi South of PCT at Eagle Rock
has 2 cattle troughs w/flowing water if you push down on float valve.
1/8/12 Halfmile 1/17/12
A13 ~106.4 Eagle Rock Spring - Spring-Fed Metal Trough - .3 miles N of Eagle Rock over hill near road. (or access via roads) clear and cold, 1 Lpm. 4/16/12 Tony 4/17/12
Follow jeep trail from eagle rock to paved road, go left along fence to trough. Can follow sandy wash to left back to PCT.
A13 ~108 Canada Verde flowing strong, but murky and lots of cow poop (water 2 feet wide, 3 inches deep 4/8 per David) 4/25/12 Len 4/30/12
A14 109.6 Hwy 79 (South) (0.2 mi NE) faucet under tree by entrance to Community Resource Center 4/8 per David. water spigot at fire station 4/27 per Golden Ray. 4/27/12 Various 5/22/12
CDF fire station says use faucet on the main building 3/20/12. Also faucets at ballfields across hwy, and under tree by entrance to community center 0.1 mile E.
A14 109.6 Warner Springs town 1.2 mi NE CAUTION: Resort has been sold & currently CLOSED, including gas station, mini mart, grill, and resort. Post office still open M-F 8-4 & Sat. 8-1:30, with water spigot on back wall by picnic table (beihnd to left of PO). No public restrooms.
Spigot on at PO.
3/29/12 MTNAlex 4/2/12
B: Warner Springs to San Gorgonio Pass
B1 111.4 Highway 79 (North) (can be murky) flowing and clear 5/23/12 SomeGuy 5/24/12
B1 ~112.3 Picnic table faucet on ~100 ft from picnic tables, near #13 metal pole/hook 5/23/12 SomeGuy 5/24/12
B1 112.6 Agua Caliente Creek just past picnic tables stream flowing clear 5/23/12 SomeGuy 5/24/12
B2 115.1 Agua Caliente Creek stream flowing strong and clear 5/23/12 SomeGuy 5/24/12
B2 119.5 Lost Valley Spring (0.2 mi off trail) Water good in trough. Some overflow, but overflow not useful, creek dry 5/23/12 SomeGuy 5/24/12
Spring fed from bottom of pool. Can have "leafy" taste, which is removed by filtering. The spring is good & NOT vandalized (unlike what guidebook says), and is only 300 yds off trail and 80 ft lower in elevation. Trail signed - look for 3 foot high cement post, then follow the abandoned road downhill 0.2 mi. (PCT turns right before post.) In early season there may be a better small stream 150 feet past the spring.
~124 to 125 several seeps and one good stream (water a few inches deep, spouting over rocks@1 LPM )(4/19/12 Tony)
B3 127.1 Chihuahua Valley Rd (0.2 mi E) filled the water tank should be about two thousand gallons if it gets low let me know michael 5/26/12 Mike H 5/29/12
0.2 mi E to driveway 31440 Chihuahua Valley Rd, then 0.1 m N to private NEW water tank above house. "water in tank should be filtered. If no water in tank there should be water on back porch - go through hole in fence next to water tank and down the trail to house there is a netted porch to keep the bugs off, and a shower out side." per Mike Herrera at the house (10/30/09). he is very eager to meet and assist hikers, they are welcome to stop by his place. (This is not an invitation to go in his house!)
B4 136.2 Tule Creek dry 5/13/12 Money 5/14/12
B4 136.6 Tule Spring (Tule Cyn Rd, 0.25 mi SE) great water 5/13/12 Money 5/15/12
B4 ~139.3 Guzzler water (water, shiny film 5/3 per Branko) (holds ~300 gallons per Spring Guy) 5/13/12 Money 5/14/12
CAUTION - top is fragile and unsafe, do not stand on it. In Section 16 just after PCT goes sharp right to follow just below 2,600' contour on Map B4, beside directly trail on left. (Cistern is underground, looks like an 12x24' old broken parking lot) 1-foot diameter eyebrow opening with pink hand pump with green 5-gallon bucket
B4 139.8 Nance Canyon (early season) light flow early AM with small ponds during day 5/19/12 Snake Charmer 5/24/12
B5 142.7 Anza (5.8 mi NW from sandy jeep rd) Town - - -
B5 142.7 Hiker's Oasis Cache water [next visit in July]
Note: 100 ft beyond Cache site the road is gated w/warning signs of fire danger & trespassing. Please stay on trail past the NEXT crossing of Table Mtn Rd in 4 miles
[can go quickly] [aka Anza Cache]
5/28/12 Jace 5/31/12
B5 151.3 Pines-to-Palms Hwy 74 (1.0 mi NW) Paradise Valley Cafe 951-659-FOOD open M 9-3, W-Sun. 8-8, closed Tues. (5/11 hours)
Hose in back doesn't work. Staff will fill your water when cafe is open. If the cafe is closed water may not be available. (Some have used pliers/wrench to get water from back hose.) Hose in front works now even when store is closed, please use back hose or store when open.
5/13/12 Money 5/14/12
Hose faucet S of bldg toward back, ~12 feet away from SW corner of bldg at edge of grass area. It lacks a handle, so improvised pliers were required.
A trail "inside the fence runs along S side of Hwy 74" to Restaurant.)
B5 151.3 Pines-to-Palms Cache cache full [First I've heard of this in 2012, NOT regularly maintained] 5/13/12 Money 5/14/12
B6 155.0 Penrod Cyn (usually dry) Stagnant large pools 5/13/12 Hello Kitty 5/16/12
B6 158.0 Live Oak Spring (1.0 mi E) water 7/15/12 Zebra 7/25/12
Descend from saddle on trail 1 mile to metal tub fed by metal pipe in middle of trail.
B6 158.0 Tunnel Spring (0.3 mi W) Smells & tastes of sulfur. 2qts per min 5/13/12 Hello Kitty 5/16/12
make sure you take the RIGHT fork of the trail once you reach the bottom. Spring is 40 yds upstream along use trail & dry creek. The trough is slowly fed from spring by pipe. Most report a sulfur taste. Oner hiker said Comes out of an old mine shaft.
B7 162.3 Cedar Spring (Trail 4E17, 1.0 mi N) water (4/5 1st tank flowing very well 2 gpm, but only holds <6" of water in tank. Upper tank flowing very well 1 gpm & full, but more algae than usual. Per Lonewalker) ~5/5/12 Stride 5/14/12
500 ft drop. Piped tank, but corroded & only holds <6" water in bottom. A 2nd, 200 gallon green cattle trough w/better flow (esp. in fall) is another 300ft up canyon from 1st tank. Horizontal, USFS taps feed both tanks.
B7 ~163 Eagle Spr(~0.25 mi S) dripping maybe 2 drops per second, but rusty tub 2/3 full, decent with filter, but not great (Tap was producing 12 oz per minute. 30 gallons of clear water in tank 5/3 per Lonewalker) 5/9/12 Veggie 5/12/12
Seasonal. 3/4 mile N past Cedar Spr jct, where PCT becomes 10' wide on a ridge "hogback", on left a 2" dia 4'tall white PVC post, ~6-8' off on a side trail, marked "Eagle Spring, 1/4" with an arrow pointing W (signpost obscured by bushes & easy to miss). Trail is reasonably clear 4/30/11, however a little rocky in spots. At a lone Spruce tree at dry creekbed, trail resumes past tree thru small overgrown section of trail another 300' to deadend at a 200 gallon cattle trough, perched on hillside, with horizontal pipe tap drizzling into it. [In past rarely used]
HIKER ACCESS: If problem tap is clogged, or tank either stagnant or dry, access Spring Box directly. 15' directly behind tank is pile of large rocks. At the center is a 25 lb 9"x9" nearly square stone, 5" thick. CAREFULLY remove the stone and set it to side. Under it is 4"x12" slot between large rock slabs that access natural rock spring box holding 5-7 gallons of fresh water. The slot is large enough to dip a quart bottle. REINSTALL & ALLIGN the square stone back over access slot to keep frequent cows away from water.
Note: Lion Spring the other side of PCT is dismantled and dry.
B7 166.3 Fobes Saddle (0.5 m S) water 7/17/12 Zebra 7/25/12
Walk down old Fobes Trail [NW] ~0.8 mile to Scovel Crk (usually running during thruhike season, may go dry in summer). 100 ft past that creek crossing a forest service spring w/a 70-gallon rubbermaid tub w/pipe. Nice flat camp spot.
B7 168.9 Apache Spring (Trail DOWN 0.5 mi E) cold water slowly trickling 5/29/12 Jace 5/310/12
3 x 3 foot spring box, steep rocky trail down to it.
B9 ~176.6 Tahquitz Creek water 7/19/12 Zebra 7/25/12
B9 176.7 Little Tahquitz Valley (Trail, 0.33 mi N) water 4/17/12 Eric 4/19/12
Two sources: 1=at creek x'ing on map just S of "Tahquitz Meadow." 2=spring just N of "V" in "Valley" & S of 4-way jct (UTM 11S 531070 3736632). From 4way jct in Tahquitz Val, go S towards Little Tahquitz Val.~2-3 mins S of jct is small drainage w/line of trees in it. Just S of drainage is edge of Tahquitz Mdw. ~20' past drainage, look 90deg E into mdw for log ~40-50' away lying ~parallel to trail. N end of log points to spring. Spg is closer to drainage than log but not in drainage. Walk N from log & listen for spring. Only see when close; flows from pipe into small recessed hollow.
B9 178.6 Idyllwild (Saddle Jct, 4.5 mi W) Town. - - 5/16/12
B9 181.5 Strawberry Cienaga Running moderate 5/13/12 Hello Kitty 5/16/12
Marion Creek, 200 yds E of Strawberry Jct Camp (which is 100 yds E of Deer Springs Trail) SEASONAL
B10 184.9 Deer Springs/N. Fork San Jacinto River running strong with snow melt 5/13/12 Hello Kitty 5/16/12
In 2007, Notes from hikers at the creekbed direct you to a small rock cairn 25 yards north on the PCT. From there you can scramble 50 yards uphill and back toward the creekbed along a faint use trail until you see water dripping off the rocks into a 18" pool you can dip or filter from. Other hikers found water down gully to left amid ferns and skunk cabbage.
B10 ~185.4 Tributary of N. Fork San Jac River running 6/13/12 Whisper 6/17/12
B10 ~185.6 Tributary of N. Fork San Jac River running strong with snow melt 5/13/12 Hello Kitty 5/16/12
B10 190.2 Fuller Ridge Trailhead (Seasonal-150yds L) A tiny, tiny trickle in the meadow. Did not look downstream. 7/22/12 Brinca 7/25/12
Just when PCT meets dirt parking area, go left past yellow post & 3 brown posts 150 yds down side trail to meadow with tiny pools in stream bed [early season only]
B10 190.5 BlackMtnCamp (Seasonal-Rd4S01,1.3mi SW) ALL faucets have been capped 10/2011, at both bathroom & camping spots. 7/22/12 Brinca 7/25/12
This is the signed group camp, not the numerous other yellow post campsites
There is another spring on the road 1.5 miles further downhill from this campground (3 miles from PCT, 4.5 miles up from Hwy 243) This one has 2 pipes - one was an overflow pipe labled "non-potable, do not drink" and a spigot labeled "drinking water". Pipe was running strong, clear, fast, clean, virtually no taste 7/22/12 per Brinca.
B10 193.6 Narrow gap (200yds) Unable to locate, either dry or was in wrong spot 7/22 per Brinca. Good water & routefinding is easy 5/13 per Hello Kitty. 7/22/12 Brinca 7/25/12
You know you've gone too far when you pass thru the gap & very shortly enter the burn area - the character of the landscape changes abruptly. Just as the trail is curving left to enter the gap, turn right and walk cross-country down the slope through fairly open living (not burned) pine forest. A very short distance from the trail you'll drop into a small dry ravine. Go up the embankment on the other side to an old road bed. Turn left and follow the road another short distance down to the bottom of the drainage - you'll leave the road as it bears left. There will be a clearing on the right and a stream in the woods straight ahead. Total duration off the PCT just a few minutes. The creek drains a portion of N slope of Fuller Ridge. Lots of camping in the vicinity. The topography between the trail and the stream is very mellow. If you find yourself in very steep/sketchy terrain, you're in the wrong area. Return to PCT the same way. Do NOT go downstream as terrain gets VERY dangerous.) (Weathercarrot 5/2012)
B10 ~200 No water except mile 201.7 3200' possible iffy, dirty pool [probably dry now] 4/28/12 Bone lady 5/16/12
PCT crosses a seasonal drainage several times at approx. 198 (4400'), 199.5 (4000'), 200.7 (3500'), 201.2 (3300'), & 201.7 (3200').
B11 205.6 Snow Canyon Rd (faucet)Desert Water Agency water faucet 5/30/12 Minor 6/7/12
B11 ~207.6 Snow Creek Village yes Shade under tree next to garage, water from stone drinking fountain and hose bib. In Snow Creek Village, take 1st street on left & and go to 3rd house on right (Lance & Tracker, 15881 Falls Creek Rd).They might be able to help with EMERGENCIES & provide fresh citrus. Other houses in Snow Creek Village should not be approached, Respect private property. Water available 5/9 per Ben. 5/30/12 Minor 6/7/12
B11 209.6 Cabazon (Tamarack Road, 4.5 mi W) Town. go W on the road between I-10 and the RR tracks, to left (W) on other side of some rocks.
small cache
4/26/12 Andrew 5/2/12
C: San Gorgonio Pass to Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass
C1 210.8 Whitewater Hiker House Open [Open 4/10-5/31. See for info & guidelines.] 5/30/12 Minor 6/7/12
~1 mile N of I-10 see a large water tank ~200' E of trail. We are house closest to water tank, w/high white fence surrounding back yard. Cut cross country 70 yds following trail angel signs, or follow access road to water tank (1st turn is right by new chain link fence & gate) to 1st right, then another right to 55230 Rockview Dr.
C1 ~211.2 Cottonwood Creek (X almost always dry) no water <10/11/11 can't quit 10/12/11
C1 213.4 Mesa Wind Farm (office open til 2:00) 5/25/12 Lucky 5/29/12
Sign posted on trail indicating shade & water available and a friendly "Stop by and say Hi". 100 yds E, then 80 yds N. Office open M-F 6-2.
Large (~1.5 inches) hose and valve by fence. Water is from tank (not ugly pond). Close valve tightly.
C1 ~216 North tributary Teutang Cyn (seasonal) no water 4/30/12 Bone lady 5/2/12
C1 ~218 (0.5 mi. off trail) Whitewater Preserve open Former trout farm now owned by Wildlands Conservancy. Ranger Frazier (760-325-7222) welcomes all PCT hikers from the trail. They have shade, water, toilets, and overnight camping for PCT hikers ONLY. They do NOT have showers or package dropoffs. 6/1/12 Minor 6/7/12
C1 218.6 Old jeep road near Whitewater Creek - - - -
C2 220.0 Whitewater Creek just n. of Red Dome flowing great!!!- 6 foot wide 6/12/12 coyote 6/13/12
C2 220.2 Whitewater creek tributary Water 5/2/12 Len 5/8/12
C2 226.0 East Fork Mission Creek crossing flowing GREAT! 6/12/12 coyote 6/13/12
C3 226.9 End of dirt road next to East Fk Mission Crk flowing GREAT! 6/12/12 coyote 6/13/12
C4 231.8 Mission Creek crossing flowing GREAT! 6/12/12 coyote 6/13/12
C4 235.0 Creekside camp some water (dry 5/20 per Hello Kitty) (lots of Poodle Dog Bush on trail for 2-3 miles past creekside camp) 6/12/12 coyote 6/13/12
C4 238.0 Forested flats junction water flowing again in upper canyon 5/28/12 WS Monty 5/30/12
C4 239.3 Mission Spr Trail Camp both sources flowing, but spring is much nicer than the trough 5/20/12 Hello Kitty 5/21/12
When trail reaches dirt road, turn left SE thru 4x4 wood railing at end of road, then 60 yds up closed road to table. Then turn left E and walk 110 yards past horse corral. At end of corral turn right & follow path 100 yds to water in a gully, dripping off root into blue bucket. (Spigots at corral are capped off, but there may be a very slow gravity flow from a hose there.)
Another possible source: at wood railing at end of road, turn 90 degrees right SSW up hill, then W 75 yds from road to concrete horse trough marked "USFS"
C4 242.0 CR&HTrail to Heart Bar Crk (seasonal)(0.5 mi NW) - - - -
C4 246.2 Coon Creek R 1N02 (1.5 mi W to Coon Crk - thru Spring) - - - -
Just off trail to R ~1/8 mile up the hill is a shelter w/nice bathroom, trash & picnic table. NO WATER at this site, creek is 1.5 miles the other side of PCT.
C4 251.9 Onyx Summit Cache dry [had water 5/20, 10 gallons 5/20 & 4/28, empty 4/25 & 5/3] 6/11/12 coyote 6/13/12
C4 ~252.9 Cache no water left but there was pop [empty 4/28, 5/1 15 gallons, 5/5 6 gallons, 5/20 10 gallons] [100 yds S of Rd 1n01] 6/11/12 coyote 6/13/12
C5 255.9 Arrastre Trail Camp at Deer Spring (faucet; creek next 1.5 miles) faucet great-good pressure 6/10/12 coyote 6/13/12
Faucet in camp labeled non-potable, for horses only (2008). Trail crosses creekbed several times for ~mile before camp & several miles after (listed below) .
C5 256.5 Spring excellent!! 6/10/12 coyote 6/13/12
spring on left side of trail and dribbling across trail near wild roses (Yogi says most reliable in area)
C5 ~257.7 Creek xing N of Arrastre Camp flowing but not that great 5/3/12 Len 5/8/12
C4 265.4 Hwy 18 Cache a few gallons [5 gallons 5/5, 10 gallons 4/18] 6/10/12 coyote 6/13/12
C7 267.8 Doble Trail Camp faucets working- one by horse trough better flow 6/10/12 coyote 6/13/12
Well-signed rutted brushy old road angles slightly left off PCT 0.13 mi. This side trail follows a fenced marshy/grassy patch. At the end of this grassy patch the area opens up to reveal the huge new outhouse (reported 11/5/06), horse area, picnic table, fire ring, etc on the right. There are two spigots, one R at horse corral (better flow) and one L near outhouse (There may be a sign saying the water is not-potable (but could be filtered).)
C7 272.1 2nd jeep rd (Saragossa Spr 0.67 mi N) - - - -
C7 274.1 Caribou Creek at Van Dusen Cyn Rd flowing fair-nearby water cache dry 6/10/12 coyote 6/13/12
C8 280.2 Delamar Spring (Rd 3N12, 0.9 mi W) - - - -
C9 284.6 Little Bear Springs Trail Camp faucet on and stream running well & cold 50-100 feet further 5/19/12 Shivers 5/21/12
Faucet is slightly uphill & to left from new picnic table, but faucet was capped 5/11/11
C9 284.9 Holcomb Creek good flow 5/5/12 Len 5/8/12
C9 ~291 Cienega Larga Fork Great flow 5/4/12 Bone lady 5/7/12
C9 291.2 Holcomb Creek at Crab Flats Rd. Good flow 5/6/12 Len 5/8/12
C10 292.4 Cienega Redonda Tr @fork of Holcomb Crk Great flow 5/4/12 Bone lady 5/7/12
C10 292.8 Holcolmb Creek at Hawes Ranch Trail Great flow 5/4/12 Bone lady 5/7/12
C10 293.1 Holcomb Crossing Trail Camp Good flow 5/6/12 Len 5/8/12
C11 297.2 Deep Creek Bridge Big creek 5/7/12 Dianne 5/14/12
PCT is STILL CLOSED due to rock slides & a damaged bridge. (Verified with PCTA 5/13/12)
Nobo, cross Splinter's Cabin Bridge & turn left @ the N end & begin following red re-route markers. (The CLOSED PCT goes right.)
Hike up 3N34C ~1/3 mi to 3N34, turn right (N) & continue on 3N34 ~6.5 miles. Every road junction is clearly marked w/red posts.
At Hwy 173 jct, turn right; follow pavement which turns to dirt, pass thru gate & continue past lower gate ~3/10s mile from parking area where PCT proper crosses 173 (7.5mi)
(Per San Bernardino NF 3/14/11.) See Halfmile's detour maps
Detour mile 2.7 small stream flowing (5/4/12 Bone lady) [MAY BE DRY NOW]
Detour mile 3.7 stream flowing (5/4/12 Bone lady) [MAY BE DRY NOW]
Detour mile 5.3 willow creek running well, perhaps 1 ft deep (5/22/12 Robin)
Detour mile 9.1 Bridge over Kinley Creek - stagnant & algae covered, good get water but wouldn't want to (5/22/12 Robin))
After turning onto 173, ~1/2 mile later, just past top of grade where road starts to descend, is a great piped spring on right, marked by tall plastic wand, 1 LPM clear cold water 5/4/12 per Bone lady.
C12 ~305 Seasonal stream at bottom of Map C12 - - - -
C12 306.6 Deep Creek Hot Spring - - - -
C13 312.1 Deep Creek ford ford is easy now 5/22/12 Hello Kitty 5/27/12
C13 ~313.2 Hwy 173Cache water (was empty 5/10) 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C13 315.2 Trailside spring in canyon (seasonal) small flow but usable 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C14 ~316.7 Pipe spring before Grass V Crk This source no longer exists 2012 Various 5/29/12
Just before joining Grass Valley jeep road (about 200 ft) there is a piped spring on the right side of the trail, just below. You can hear it and there's a large black tube next to the trail that marks the spot.(About 200-300 yards before creek)
C14 317.0 Grass Valley Creek running strong 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C14 320.3 Summit Valley Store closed indefinitely. (0.3 mi NW on very rough & overgrown jeep road)
C14 ~322.7 Cedar Springs Dam (pools below dam at PCT) deep pools below the dam 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C15 ~325.2 Stream flowing into the lake at Chamise Boat-In Picnic Area (in Section 6) (Early season only) appears dry 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C15 328.3 Cleghorn Picnic Area (two-lane bike path, 0.5 mi E) water 5/16/12 Maineman 6/6/12
C15 328.5 Silverwood Lake State Recreation Area (road 1.7 mi E) road passes park office while paralleling PCT & xing pct again after office. Water hose bib & fountain in parking lot & in group camp past highway. Lots of cold water in stream in culvert under Hwy 178 5/7/12 Len 5/8/12
C15 332.8 Small stream running 2' wide, 2" deep [no camping] 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C15 335.6 Little Horsethief Canyon (dry creek) dry 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C17 341.7 Crowder Canyon still running as a trickle 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
C17 342.1 Interstate 15 in Cajon Canyon (0.6 mi NW town) McDonalds & Chevron mini-mart 5/25/12 Hello Kitty 5/29/12
D: Interstate 15 near Cajon Pass to Agua Dulce
D1 347.4 Swarthout Cyn Cache (100yds S) water (c. 6 gal) [was dry at least one day before 4/25] 6/6/12 Devil 6/13/12
D1 347.9 Bike Spring (block trough just below trail) no flow, algae covered water <4/25/12 Freefall 4/30/12
POODLE DOG BUSH miles ~354.6 to 356 barely avoidable, when blooms overgrow may want to detour per Bone lady 5/8: At mile 352 turn left on Rd 3N29, then right on 3N31. Parallel PCT ~4 miles, then L onto PCT @ 356.4
D3 363.6 Wrightwood (Acorn Cyn Tr, 4.5 mi N) Town
[8"x8" post a foot high on left. Acorn Tr is to right.] -
- - -
D3 364.6 Guffy Campground (~275 yds N) ANF water (flowing ~2 LPM 5/8 per Bone lady) 5/16/12 Joe T 5/19/12
~275 yards N DOWN STEEP slope to old red pump house in Flume Cyn. Take wide use trail at rock cairn on the right (N) below guard rail just before PCT enters the campgrd ~50 yds E of the water tank. Spring UTM 0439545, 3800530 elev. 7724.
D4 370.5 Grassy Hollow Visitor Center water was on 4/27/12 Frost 5/2/12
D4 371.6 Jackson Flat Group Campgrd (spur road) water OFF 4/27/12 Frost 5/2/12
OPTIONAL High Desert/Manzanita Trail Alternate, 5.8 miles long, connects Vincent Gap to the South Fork Campground at mile 5.3 on the official Endangered Species Detour, Halfmile map D4A. A useful and pleasant route to avoid the climb/descent of Mt Baden-Powell. (All per Andrew)
Mile 1.9 - Creek, good water large flow, 5/23.
Mile 2.8 - Dorr Canyon Creek, no water, trail somewhat difficult to follow across wide rocky creek bed, 5/23.
Mile 3.7 - Creek, good water large flow, 5/23.
D5 375.7 Lamel Spring (trail, 0.06 mi S) water [in a small rock opening covered my a metal grid.] 5/17/12 schleifa 5/22/12
D6 381.9 Lily Spring (trail, 0.33 mi N) Beeman looked 6/15/08 - NO trail sign, Using map, followed an unused trail down canyon but soon lost it, Searched but found no sign of spring. Hello Kitty had same experience in fall 2011, so impractical if not gone. Fall 2011 Hello Kitty 5/27/12
D6 383.8 Little Jimmy Spring (Bear area 2005) (what great water!) flowing well 6/8/12 Devil 6/13/12
D6 ~384.1 Windy Spring - - - -
Endangered Species Closure - In order to protect the mountain yellow-legged frog, the PCT is closed between Eagles Roost (390.2) and Burkhart Trail (393.8). Instead of a very dangerous road walk, the following detour is in place:
From Islip Saddle leave PCT and go N on the South Fork Tr 4.8 miles to South Fork Campgrd, then E on High Desert Natl Rec Trail & then the Burkhart Tr back to PCT, a total detour of 18.2 miles. Angeles National Forest. Closure order thru 12/31/11. See Halfmile's detour maps.
Detour Mile 0.0, spring on the map to the N on the road at Islip Saddle about 0.4 miles that was flowing nicely in 2010 (Colorado Pete)
Detour Mile 1.0+/-, Reed Spring on the map/on the trail flowing nicely in 2010 (Colorado Pete)
Detour Mile 4.6 - South Fork of Big Rock Creek near campground - water 4/25/12
Detour Mile 4.8 - South Fork Campground -
Detour Mile 7.7 Holcomb cyn - good large flow 5/23/12 per Andrew
Detour Mile ~9 Punchbowl Canyon Creek -
Detour Mile 10.4 - Devils Punchbowl County Park (0.8 mile off detour, worth seeing) - has several water fountains but not all of them work. The water fountain next to the fire hose in the red box does work and has good pressure.
Detour Mile 10.5 Punchbowl Creek, good water moderate flow, 5/24.12 per Andrew NOTE camping not allowed at this park. (Halfmile 3/31/10,
Detour Mile 13.6 Cruthers Creek, good water large flow, 5/24 per Andrew
Detour Mile ~19 Tributary of Little Rock Creek, good water small flow, 5/24 per Andrew
D7 391.8 Little Rock Creek - - - -
D7 ~392.5 Rattlesnake Spring - - - -
FIRE RESTRICTIONS: The Angeles NF was CLOSED from here to Soledad Cyn because of the Station Fire cleanup with a long road walk. This closure will be lifted for PCT HIKERS ONLY on May 7, 2011. Hikers from Islip to Soledad Cyn are asked to camp ONLY at Sulphur Springs CG, Messenger Flat CG, or North Fork Ranger Station. See Halfmile's detour maps. Closure info: ANF Order and Closure Map.
D7 393.8 L.RockCrk past Burkhart Tr flowing strong <4/25/12 Freefall 4/30/12
D7 395.3 Cooper Creek at Burkhart Trail flowing well 6/8/12 Devil 6/13/12
D7 396.9 Cooper Canyon Trail Campground got several liters here, not a huge flow, but good 6/8/12 Devil 6/13/12
Enter campground, turn left, keep walking short distance to Cooper Canyon Creek.
D7 397.3 Headwaters of Cooper Canyon sure looked dry to me, but I didn't check it out extensively 6/9/12 Devil 6/13/12
D8 400.2 Seasonal Stream very good flow, one cold liter in just a few seconds. (1-2 ft wide, up to 1 in deep moderate flow per The German Couple 5/6) This good flow is immediately proceeded by a thin stream, so don't let it confuse you. 5/10/12 Len 5/12/12
D8 400.7 Camp Glenwood water at tap 6/9/12 Devil 6/13/12
D8 ~401 or 401.2? Seasonal Stream after crossing highway small streamlet with small pools 1/2 ft wide 1 in deep moderate flow, some algae 5/6/12 German Couple 5/12/12
D8 ~401.5 or 401.9? Water box 3 square concrete boxes w/steel lids on L side of trail (nobo). The 2nd of the 3 had a garden hose type spigot which gave water, low flow 5/6/12 German Couple 5/12/12
D8 403.2+ Three Points Trailhead [Faucet permanently plugged off]
Newcomb's Ranch Restaurant 1.8 mile W (left if nobo) on Hwy 2 (Restaurant open 2/27/12 per their FB page)
<4/25/12 Freefall 4/30/12
D8 406.7 Sulphur Springs Camp source creek water running 5/13/12 Dianna 5/19/12
D8 406.9 Sulphur Springs Campgrd (0.2 mi E) [6/15/09 All spigots in the campground have been capped off.] Pools 7 some water flowing in, although more algae than 406.7 One of 3 approved PCT campsites in Station Fire burn area between Burkhart Trail & Mill Creek. 5/6/12 German Couple 5/12/12
If no water at the campground, check up near a concrete water tank with pipe.
D8 ~407 Stream n/o Sulphur Springs Camp (seasonal) 3ft wide but flowing very slowly looked kind of funky <4/10/12 Backwoods 4/10/12
D9 410.6 Fiddleneck Spring a seep "size of piepan" 6/9/12 Devil 6/13/12
Shaded seep about 5 ft above trail on side of Pacifico Mtn, size of piepan)
D9 411.1 Fountainhead Spring small pool size of shallow washbasin, running water sound, pumpable; easily scooped 4 clear, tasty cupfuls from pool using sierra cup 6/9/12 Devil 6/13/12
Typically small pool size of shallow washbasin, running water sound, pumpable
D9 412+ Sheep Camp Spring (way below PCT) There was a trickle of water there not sure it would be worth a trip off trail 5/15/08 Trail90 5/17/08
D9 413.1 Pacifico Mtn Campgrd (off trail E) there is a self-filling �guzzler� rainwater catch-tank no water [no one has found the guzzler if it exists] 11/18/11 Paul 11/26/11
FIRE CLOSURE: The Angeles NF is CLOSED from Pacifico Mountain to Mill Creek Summit because of the Station Fire cleanup until 9/30/2011 or later. See Halfmile's detour maps. Closure order At mile 413.3 leave PCT and take close Pacifico Mtn Rd 4.6 miles to Mill Creek Summit (mile 418.7).

Poodle-dog bush or Common turricula is everywhere from about mile 410 to 437+. It is very concentrated around Mt. Gleason area or Mile 428 to 430. This bush can cause skin irritation similar to poison oak. If you plan on hiking in this area review images, symptoms and treatments before hiking in this area. The plant may not be blooming so learn to identify it with and without flowers.

D9 418.5 Mill Crk Summit Trailhead Rd 3N17 mile 418: nice new outhouse with faucet next to it <4/25/12 Freefall 4/30/12
D9 418.7 Mill Creek Summit Fire Station water 6/10/12 Devil 6/13/12
D10 425.7 Big Buck Trail Camp (New) [This is usually dry] location uncertain, just before entering dirt road at right turn after descending a few switchbacks, water, good flow, 1-2 ft but strange taste even after filtering 5/7/12 German Couple 5/12/12
D10 ~426.5 Old Big Buck Trail Camp site (early spring) shady ravine clear & very good flow, access no problem the trail crosses it, but POODLE DOG BUSH is more and more a nuisance. may want to take road from Mill Creek Ranger Station to Messenger Flats CG, but the latest after getting water at this spring. If you continue around Helipad & uphill SSE to gate & then the road until Messenger Flats. 5/7/12 German Couple 5/12/12
Book lists "new" Big Buck Trail Camp (425.7) which is "always" dry.Map D10 shows "old" "Big Buck Trail Camp" (~426.5) which is gone but in early spring has water in a shady ravine.
D11 430.7 Messenger Flats Camp USFS. NO water One of 3 approved PCT campsites in Station Fire burn area between Burkhart Trail & Mill Creek. 11/17/11 Paul 11/26/11
D12 432.2 Moody Cyn Rd (stream 50' before rd) water (Good flow, good water ~ 1Gal/Min 5/8 per German Couple) 5/23/12 Blueberry 5/29/12
D12 436.2 North Fork Ranger Station BPL Rd 4N32 Picnic area near ranger station is one of 3 approved PCT campsites in Station Fire burn area between Burkhart Trail & Mill Creek. Power and water are not operational, to assist PCT hikers Todd has cache. Water cache. 6/10/12 Devil 6/13/12
D12 440.2 Mattox Canyon dry afternoon [creek has fluctuated by time of day in past] 6/10/12 Devil 6/13/12
D13 444.2 Soledad Canyon Road RV Park KOA welcomes PCT hikers KOA park 0.20 E. (good PCT hiker rate, store open 9-6 (later in summer)) - cross road & walk R thru huge open flat space to KOA. DO NOT cross the water.
Access to PCT nobo from parking hidden by sandpile. Just after 1st xing of creek turn hard right (E) & climb over sandpile. (Path is blazed with orange ribbons tied to trees as trail veers off to the right as you're travelling north per PCTA 4/12/10.) PCT goes thru unimproved west part of KOA. (Robin's Nest RV Park west of the KOA closed in 2011.)
5/22/12 Various 5/22/12
D13 444.3 Santa Clara River Flowing strong, 3 ft wide (I sure wouldnt drink it funky 4/10 per Backwoods) 5/9/12 German Couple 5/12/12
D13 451.0 Escondido Cyn just past tunnel under Hwy 14 Not directly at tunnel, but 1/4 mile further. Some flow, but also stagnant pools with algae 5/9/12 German Couple 5/12/12
D13 452.8 Vasquez Rocks picnic area I saw fountains that were wrapped in 'caution' tape and not working, but they weren't behind a tree (no water around juniper 5/14 per Peru) 5/12/12 Len 5/14/12
there is a fountain behind a low but large juniper bush right by the pepper tree where the trail nears the parking area. Go to pepper tree; you'll see the horse nose troughs, then to your right you'll see the bush; go behind the bush and you'll see the fountain.
D13 453.5 Ranger station once on pavement, 0.2 miles on left by Park exit on Escondido Cyn Rd - - -
D13 454.4 Agua Dulce Sweetwater Farms Market has everything to eat & drink a hiker's heart desires. - - -
D13 454.4 Hiker Heaven (0.9 W) See note below. - - 2/27/12
All nobo PCT thruhikers should visit Hiker Heaven for mail, updated water reports, & current trail info. Mail can be picked up at Hiker Heaven 6am-10pm, 7 days per week. No other mail pickup locations are available in Agua Dulce. Open 4/15 through 6/30 this year, and for sobo thru-hikers in the fall. We encourage you to stay for and rest-up with our 3 day, 2 night limit. We can host up to 50 hikers per night. We host on a first-come, first-served basis. Non-hiking guests welcome to visit, but should make arrangements to stay elsewhere for showers, laundry, or overnight accommodations.
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