Pacific Crest Trail Water Reports
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The following water reports are compiled from posts to the PCT-L, on-line trail journals, and other on-the-ground reports.
All disclaimers apply. Info may not be accurate, and probably isn't. Hike your own hike.
Water sources change quickly. Reports are only as accurate as last report. The best way to send updates is email to "water" at "4jeffrey" dot "net". Or post to PCT-L.
Last update posted 7/8/12 22:30 PCT
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Map Miles (NoBo) Location Report ("-" means no report) Date Reported By Posted
Most caches are no longer being restocked until April, as the main thru-hiker herd has passed through. Whatever water is left is all there is.
8:05 PM 7/25/2012It's getting hot, and seasonal water sources are starting to dry up. Be Prepared!!!
As the thruhikers have passed by, some reports may be old. Check the dates! Updated info from section hikers is always appreciated. Thanks.
E: Agua Dulce to Highway 58 near Tehachapi Pass
Caches Can Be Empty And Springs Go Dry Fast In This Area. Be Prepared!!! As a general rule, campground water sources are closed in winter.
E3 463.3 Bear Spring (can be trickle late season) trickle but usable-some debris (running well out of PVC pipe (~2 LPM) little ways up hill, Cold & some debris 6/1 per Shivers) 6/14/12 Coyote 6/17/12
Spring is up the hill in the woods, a boxed area beneath a pipe. There is also a horse trough on the downhill side of the trail.
E3 465.6 Bouquet Canyon Cache 100' N of Rd water 6/14/12 Coyote 6/17/12
E3 465.6+ Bouquet Canyon (almost always dry) dry 4/21/12 Ron 4/30/12
E3 ~466.5 seasonal flows between Bouquet & San Francisquito are dry 5/14/12 per Bone lady. [These can go dry faster than listed sites.]
E5 471.6 Oasis Cache 200 yds S of 6N09 water 6/14/12 Coyote 6/17/12
E5 478.6 San Francisquito Canyon Rd (Ranger 0.15mi SW)& Cache - - - -
Faucet at Ranger Station on side of building, in a small enclosed box - open and you'll see a water heater plus a faucet. If turned off, try fire hose in box in parking lot marked "Green Valley" turn on outside valve. Sign says they have updated their water purification system and that all faucets on the property now have potable water and that hikers are welcome to use them. (per I-Beam 5/20/11)
E5 478.6 Casa de Luna - Andersons(~2 SE) "The Lounge Is ALWAYS Open!" says Joe (But they may not always be home off season) - - 3/20/12
E6 486.3 Red Carpet Cache 200 yds S of Lake Hughes Rd dry and lots of hiker trash!!! [stream dry] [guidebook map calls this Elizabeth Lake Rd] 6/15/12 Coyote 6/17/12
E6 487.7 Trailside wet-season spring few drops a second-would work in a pinch 6/15/12 Coyote 6/17/12
an interesting trailside water source where the water trickled off a tree root, from a spring uphill, into a plastic bottle N34.66672 W118.46637
E7 493.5 Maxwell Trail Camp guzzler (0.1 N on 1st of 2 dirt roads) Tank full, but also full of leaves & algae. Found no hose or other outlet, Take water from inlet. Filter recommended. Dirt roads hard to find as someone has dumped brush on them. 5/13/12 German Couple 5/19/12
20 yds. below road with white concrete slab that channels water into underground tank. Gray guzzler can be seen fm tr; this road is grassy dirt, not just dirt
E7 494.0 Upper Shake Campground (0.6 mi N) small creek flowing (another hiker found no water 5/13) 5/27/12 Jim D 6/7/12
Trail not signed. Seasonal stream: Go into campground (outhouse, tables) at Upper Shake. Cross 1st road, go to 2nd road (200 ft further, turn right until you hit info kiosk (almost hidden by brush 5/13). At that make another right and go up road - look for white trail post leaned against tree. Right behind that tree is a trail that goes down into woods - go past first usually-dry creek and there is another creek beyond that.
ALSO, Take Trail beyond Lower Shake, which leads to stream northerly a couple of hundred yards. Stream to south of campground.
Report per Trail Gorilla water is contaminated, that's why closed to car campers; pipes are capped. treat before drinking (Kevin Corcoran 2009)
E7 496.8 Concrete tank at Ridgetop jct (150 yds) tank full 6/16/12 Coyote 6/17/12
At ridgetop jct of Maxwell TT 7N08, Burnt Pk Rd 7N23A, & Sawmill Mtn TT 7N23, follow Road 7N23 N for 90 yards, then follow the road to the left for 60 yards. Must lift heavy metal plate on top to access. (Len says these distances are 90 feet + 90 feet)
E8 500.7 Atmore Mdws Spur Road 7N19 (1.7 mi SW) - - - -
E7 502.8+ Red Rock Water Tank water low- need rope and bucket (Hydrant valve removed and doubt tank will hold water until valve replaced per Halfmile 4/4/12) 6/16/12 Coyote 6/17/12
(10,000 gallon) at high point on trail, where PCT nears road. Easy to spot. Pry metal lid (may be covered with rocks) off tank and filter water out. You may need rope to get down to water in tank.
E7 502.9+ Guzzler lots of water 6/16/12 Coyote 6/17/12
Behind scrub oak shrubs at trail post, water cistern uses metal corrugated roof to collect rain water. Crawl under roof & remove large round plastic cover.
E7 505.1 Tank (guzzler) near Liebre Mtn Truck Trail 7N23 (100 yds E) water, ~2 feet deep 4/4/12 Halfmile 4/5/12
past Bear Camp mile to dirt road - guzzler. Stay on road 100 yards or so and it takes you back to Bear Camp.
  ~508.8 Horse Camp (0.2mi W) water (very difficult access due to many blow downs 5/15 per Len, use trail disappears shortly after sign) 5/24/12 Mother Goose 5/31/12
Horse Creek Camp has a sign for a spring 0.2 miles E down STEEPLY from the camp, but trail disappears shortly after sign.
E9 511.4 Pine Canyon creek and sag pond Water at pond but no creek. (Access to Pond difficult, brush over access trails. Somewhat easier from road. Pools stagnant, slight rotten smell but organic, should be o.k. if filtered. 5/13 per The German Couple) 5/17/12 Bone lady 5/19/12
E9 511.7 Pine Cyn Rd (100ydsW) Shallow but cold water running (Some small pools on uphill side. Flow ~2 qts / min. 5/13 per The German Couple) 5/17/12 Bone lady 5/19/12
Seasonal water downhill on road a few 100 yds from PCT to red mile marker 12.64 where Streamlet passes under road which pools on uphill side. Store in Three Points mentioned in guidebook is now a private home, so continue to Hikertown.
E10 518.4 Highway 138 - Hikertown Open, has water. [Hostel, water, shower, or spend the night... Just walk in through the gate any time. There's no check in, and no charge but donations are always appreciated... We're located on the N.E. corner of the Highway 138 Trailhead. (Bob Mayon 4/21/09) 6/25/11 hikers report $10 "donation" suggested to stay.] 6/16/12 Minor 6/17/12
E10 518.4 Highway 138: Country Store is closed - been out of business several months, one mile W HWY 138. (Neenach school shut down, Fenced and locked, no water.) 4/21/11
E10 520.2 Aqueduct NO TRESPASSING - Lots of water 4/1/12 Halfmile 4/2/12
E12 534.8 Cottonwood Creek bridge (Faucet) Assume no water. Aqueduct has been dry in July except just a few hours one day. (Faucet gets water AFTER water starts flowing in aqueduct.)Creek dry.
(NOTE: Local reported LADWP supervisor said 5/18/12 Aqueduct off due to Sierra Mtn drought conditions for remainder of the year. While aqueduct HAS HAD water a few days, be aware it is more likely to be dry.)
You might ask at Hikertown if they have more current info.
7/8/12 - 7/8/12
100 yards before crossing the bridge (nobo - just past small concrete bldg) look right for conspicuous "Trail Camp - Water" sign at eye level. Faucet is 15 yards downslope to your right. Sign says not potable but can be treated. ALSO, behind the open shade shelter is a pipe that may drip water, just in back of the open #1521+66 aqueduct access well. (There may also be water flowing from a pipe just N of the bridge on the W side into bushes - listening for it may help to locate it.) (Scheduled maintenance can shut off water during winter or emergencies. It's usually back on by April or early May.)
E13 541.4 Tylerhorse Canyon creek wasn't much more than a trickle [possible this could go dry, esp. on hot afternoons]
E15 ~556 "Tiger Tank" & shower (treat - shallow well) Not in service, no water 5/15/12 German Couple 5/19/12
E15 558.0 Oak Creek Strong flow, ~ 3ft wide. 5/15/12 German Couple 5/19/12
E15 558.3 Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road Town (11.4 mi W to Tehachapi or 12.0 mi E to Mojave) - - -
E15 566.6 Highway 58 4 gallons, on right 10 yds after leaving pavement <6/4/12 ? 6/7/12
F: Highway 58 near Tehachapi Pass to Highway 178 at Walker Pass
Caches Can Be Empty And Springs Go Dry Fast In This Area. Be Prepared!!!
F4 ~582.4 Seasonal Creeklet (NOT on guide map) - - - -
F4 583.4 Golden Oaks Spring water (pipe flowing 1 LPM 6/2 per Guthrie) 6/12/12 Lucky 7/8/12
If pipe flowing into trough is weak try white 2" PVP pipe 4 feet below trail in swampy area (on right side for nobos)
CAUTION - Corn Nut reported heavy equipment grading above the trail at mile 586 on 6/1 that was sending large rocks down hill on to trail. Be careful.
F6 602.2 Robin Bird Spring (0.1 mi W) water (pipe flowing 2 LPM 6/3 per Guthrie) 6/4/12 Dog 6/7/12
New stile allows easy access through the fence. Follow galvanized pipe uphill for 20 yards to gushing pipe. Face lower barb wire fence, left corner has a gate that was wired shut such that it cannot be opened. Climb gate or fence. Climb uphill (150 ft?) toward tank. Below tank (75 ft?) is a black PVC pipe that feeds spring. -->
F7 604.4 Cottonwood Creek branch (log bridge gone) mostly dry with a couple brackish seeps 6/3/12 Guthrie 6/7/12
F7 ~605.9 Concrete dam of spring uphill from PCT murky water in dammed section - purification needed [Look for grassy patch on trail and a cement wall is 7 feet to your right. UTM 11S 0381550 3920522 ] 6/3/12 Guthrie 6/7/12
F7 607.3 Landers Creek dry 6/3/12 Guthrie 6/7/12
F7 608.2 Landers Mdw drainage at 1st Paiute Mt Rd xing shallow silty water at the drainage (Len called it a mud puddle 5/19) 5/22/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
F7 608.9 Landers Camp fire tank, SNF Road 29S05 (0.3 mi N) "Lander's Camp is a beautiful forested space with a great water source" 6/3/12 Pounce 6/7/12
There is a faded sign on a tree before the road that goes to the large, 15-foot diameter water tank and a pipe for running water. Road is after 1st Piute Mtn Rd xing heading NW.
F9 616.0 Kelso Valley Road Cache by Mary Barcik of Welden water cache 6/5/12 Dog 6/7/12
F9 618.1 Butterbredt Canyon Road, SC123 to a spring (1.2 mi N) dry (~4/5 small flow surrounded by mud per Billy Goat) 6/3/12 Guthrie 6/7/12
1 miles downhill of the jct. Follow guidebook for directions, then go to cattle poind, then continue down towards the willows off to the left, this water does not come from the cattle pond. (Some get good water here using hose to get water into bottles, others call it an unappealing mud hole not worth the hike.).
F10 622.2 Willow Spring, Road SC103(1.8 mi NW) water 5/30/12 Swiss Army 6/7/12
Pond is visible from PCT, 500 feet below. Spring has faucet outside of fenced spring, no need to go under fence.
F11 631.4 Bird Spring Pass Cache by Mary Barcik of Welden water cache (Was EMPTY on 6/4 per Guthrie) 6/5/12 Dog 6/7/12
F11 637.4 Yellow Jacket Spring (seep) (signed Scodie Trail 0.7 mi NW) cow plop everywhere (small flow but cows have trampled area ~4/5 per Billy Goat) 6/4/12 Guthrie 6/7/12
A sign on PCT says it's a seep & instructs hikers to dig a hole in the mud & let it fill up. At times, this spring can have a good flow. At the spring is a small sloping swampy meadow. Face downhill, keeping right of center, you can easily find clean, flowing water in early June of a moderate snowfall year. (not hard to find, just not as easy as a trough with a pipe).
F12 ~643.5 Seasonal stream dry ~4/5/12 - 4/30/12
F12 644.1 McIvers Spring (unmarked jct, 0.2 mi E) water tasted bad (water flowing well, lots of cow activity/poop 5/23 per Bone lady) 6/1/12 Swiss Army 6/7/12
When PCT turns off to left (N), continue straight on road. If no flow from pipe below cabin (flow may decrease in afternoon), may be small seep on ground, or check small square box in grass ~50 ft upstream, or try: In 2007 hunters in area said 400 yards upstream spring will always have water (untested, appeared drier upstream 9/09).
F13 651.4 Walker Pass Trailhead Campground (0.1 mi N, also Onyx town 17.6 mi W) water trickling at cistern. water in cistern has lots of orangish algae. small cache there, refilled some of jugs from cistern. treat all water here. [campground no water] 5/24/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
According to sign at campground (2004), the tank is filled using a generator that is brought in temporarily. So once dry, it may remain dry for several days.
If no water in campground, try the spring-fed 9-ft-square concrete cistern mentioned in the guidebook 0.14 mile down the highway. Follow campground spur road to CA-178; turn L, follow highway downhill & around curve to R; just before curve warning sign (NO 30mph sign), an unpaved road downhill to L will appear; you can see low concrete trough to left from highway; walk down to it (dry); listen for running h2o to L; walk thru brush to 2nd low box (dry); but in 3rd, tall concrete box h2o flows from pipe at top edge.
"The water system at Walker Pass Campground is currently not operational due to electrical concerns. We are hoping to get somebody up there to troubleshoot and possibly repair the system later this month. I do not have an estimate as to when we will have the system operational once again. I do know that hikers often "stockpile" water near the trailhead for when they are passing through that segment of the trail. That is certainly an option for you." (BLM 4/7/08 via Travis)
(There may also be water in Canebrake Creek 1.8 miles west down Highway 178.)
G: Highway 178 at Walker Pass to Kennedy Meadows (Section continues to Mt. Whitney)
Caches Can Be Empty And Springs Go Dry Fast In This Area. Be Prepared!!! As a general rule, the campground water sources may be closed.
G1 663.7+ Stream past rough dirt road (seasonal) slow flow on source 5/24/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
G1 664.1 Joshua Tree Spring (0.25 mi SW) water flowing [Sign says not safe for drinking, guidebook says trace of uranium, many drink it] 4/24/12 Ron 4/30/12
Note: There are several stream crossings in the Spanish Needle Creek area. It is possible to confuse which crossing you are at. If you find good water, don't pass it if you need it, as the next branch of the creek might be dry!
G3 668.6 Branch of Spanish Needle Creek water 6/3/12 Joe T 6/7/12
The 1st branch that has water. Shown on map G3 as running next to an old jeep road. Has campsites on bank.
G3 669.0 Spring-fed branch of Spanish Needle Creek nice spring 5/29/12 Grey Wolf 5/31/12
The North Fork - Usually the best of the 4 branches of Spanish Needle.
G3 669.7 Spring-fed streamlet water early, dry in afternoon 6/3/12 Joe T 6/7/12
N Fork, 2nd crossing higher up the slope.
G3 670.3 Spanish Needle Creek (3rd encounter) good water 5/24/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
1st branch, 2nd xing higher up the slope. The last one before heading up the hill.
G3 678.8 Seasonal creek (often dry) - - - -
G4 ~681 Chimney Crk (seasonal) water 6/4/12 Joe T 6/7/12
PCT crosses creek before Canebrake Rd. If water in camp is off, try creek: Leave campground and head 50 feet back down the road towards the PCT. Down the embankment on the right side of the road is a small seasonal Chimney Creek.
G4 681.3 Chimney Crk Campgrd (0.3 mi NE) no water in camp - - 6/17/11
G4 ~681.8 Seasonal stream (often dry) - - - -
G4 683.6 Fox Mill Spring some water at spring. good water in creek 5/25/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
If no water in spring, there is muddy access to a stream behind spring through opening in willows starting at the curve along the access trail to the spring. No access for horses.
G6 689.6 Long Valley Loop Rd (dry creek) - - - -
G6 694.0 First creek in Rockhouse Basin ("Manter Cr") good water 5/26/12 Bone lady 5/27/12
G6 697.4 Seasonal creek - - - -
G7 698.8 South Fork Kern River flowing river 6/27/12 Lucky 7/8/12
G7 ~699.3 (not 700.4) Pine Creek (in NE of Section 25) water 4/27/12 Ron 5/27/12
G7 702.8 Kennedy Meadows General Store (0.7 mi SE from bridge) Store closed during week supposed to open for weekend and in May during the midweek. Pay phone at store. [Tom in the trailers across from store is OPEN as of 6/4/12.]
NOTE: there were MAJOR EXTENSIVE blowdowns in the Sierra near Reds Mdw & other forests. If store bulletin board has no info, Tom should have update on blowdowns.
4/27/12 Ron 6/7/12
Beyond: (Bits and pieces via email - not be organized by mileposts or maintained)

Section N:
~1384.7 POSSIBLE Cache 44 is a small top off cache only, located near the Trailhead at the top of the Hat Creek Rim, off Hwy 44 (Get most water at Subway Cave and just top off at Cache 44 IF it is there.)
1398.6 Cache 22 at Road 22 - some reporting water, one reported no water cache

New possible caches in 2010 by Lloyd from Bend (per Yogi 1/25/10) [These now unknown status as Lloyd retired from trail angeling and a new trail angel is in the area:
1882.9 Windego Pass cache planned (where a Spring listed does not exist)
1989.5 McKenzie/Hwy 242 pass cache in parking lot N of pass (also Lava Spring Lake off trail with what Yogi considers good enough water)

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